The Weekly Roundup

August 06, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Our colleagues at IPCN have been following an interesting story on legislation in Louisiana that requires pharmacists give patients a range of medication options, including whether they would save money for paying cash instead of using their insurance at point of purchase. The investigation started with New Orleans reporter, Lee Zurik, and has been birddogged with follow-ups by Julie Appleby here.

Here are few stories we came across this week that you might find interesting:

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Thoughts from ThoughtSpot

July 28, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

It was hard to forego the fist-bump Wednesday at the “An Update on Star Ratings” session with Tripp Logan, PharmD, a quality metrics panel appointee with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance. You have to love a guy who advises pharmacists to “look for ways to bridge over the PBMs and work directly with the health plans.” Based on the harumpfs around me, he was preaching to the choir.

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