About Us

Smart-Fill is a family-owned business that was built to help independent pharmacies thrive with the buying power of a chain, the ease of single source payment, and the back-office technology services that enable pharmacy owners to focus on serving their customers.

We give the independent pharmacy owner the tools to thrive in today's retail climate, while still allowing them to remain completely independent.

– Chris Astrup, Founder

Smart-Fill's roster of business solutions grew out of the needs we uncovered as founders and owners of Astrup/Sterling Drug, established in 1952 by Leonard Astrup. We have spent years analyzing the needs of our own pharmacies and developing and testing programs to optimize our systems. How to negotiate effectively. How to market and promote our goods. How to manage costs like labor, inventory and supply chain. And it worked. It worked so well, in 2003 we decided to roll out our approach to other independents.

Today, Smart-Fill has grown to more than 600 members, of which our own stores are a small percentage. We continue to transform the game for pharmacies with a growing roster of solutions that help independent pharmacies stay independent—and competitive.