Attract Patients by Highlighting Your Role in Community Health

December 10, 2019 | Smart-Fill

As we all prepare for a fun holiday season filled with gift giving, great meals, and parties with families and friends, we also need to prepare for a not-so-fun season: flu season.

Many of your patients have already received their flu shots. However, those are likely the patients who receive their vaccination every year or had already been thinking about getting their shot. To keep our families and communities safe, we need to highlight reasons to get a flu shot even if you “never get the flu,” “don’t have time to get the shot,” or are “not quite sure if it will have any impact.”

We’ve created a Smart-Take to help explain the importance of getting a flu shot. Download the flu Smart-Take today to print handouts in your store or share on social media.

Beyond highlighting the importance of the yearly vaccination, our flu Smart-Take also details steps to take to prevent the spread of the flu, what to do if you do get sick, and emergency symptoms to look out for.

Preventing the spread of the flu is one of many ways your team can improve the health of your community. By going above and beyond to administer flu shots and actively work to improve your community’s health, you can highlight the importance of your role and attract more patients to your store.


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