From ThoughtSpot 2019: Get Local with Digital

August 08, 2019 | Pamela Youngberg

One of the most exciting digital outreach opportunities for community businesses—according to Denver-based Alex Porter, CEO of Location3—is the “near me” function introduced by Google. It’s gained 500 percent in usage over the past two years. Porter presented “Get Local! Increasing Pharmacy Revenue with Digital Marketing” at ThoughtSpot 2019 and shared several ways for community pharmacies to do better with their local marketing efforts. Here are three critical components to add to your strategy:

    • Understand your brand and the cachetthat an independent, locally owned business has—particularly with the millennial population. Millennials represent 24 percent of the total population and will shop local even if it is costlier. Most of those potential buyers begin their searches online, and 30 percent are likely to come to your store to buy.
    • Boost your chance of pushing your pharmacy to the top of the search engine list by creating a robust, content-rich website, but make sure your location information is perfect. Optimize your listing by posting photos and information on sales and specials.
    • Ask customers to follow you on social media and leave reviews. Be sure to respond to those reviews and comments—even the negative ones. Porter notes that up to 70 percent of customers will leave a review if asked. So, ask!

    The upshot? An online presence is not just critical to businesses that sell online products. While patients and other buyers do plenty of research online—the bulk of it on mobile devices—they are still coming into brick-and-mortar stores like your pharmacy. Reaching them is critical to your continued success as an independent.

    Pamela Youngberg

    Before she came to Smart-Fill, Pamela developed marketing strategy and content for a range of technology start-ups and large-cap enterprises. Outside the office, she's into cycling, renaissance history, cooking, and exploring the outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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