Highlight Heart Health During the Month of Love

January 28, 2020

Being the month of love, February is a great time to highlight heart health at your pharmacy. Beyond doing everything we can to keep our patients adherent to their treatment plans, we can help explain lifestyle-related risks and how to minimize those risks.

To help encourage patient interactions, we’ve developed a customizable Smart-Take that you can personalize with your pharmacy’s logo. The handout highlights lifestyle-related risks, the importance of knowing and understanding blood pressure numbers, and tips for a heart-healthy diet. We recommend printing some copies off for your pharmacy counter and sharing the link on your social media channels. To request your customized copy, send us an email with your logo!

Another great resource is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website. Their American Heart Month 2020: High Blood Pressure Control page offers helpful information on the importance of monitoring blood pressure and ways to manage it. The CDC site provides several social media messages and graphics you can use and download to share with your followers.

Your team is one of your community’s greatest health resources. Using monthly themes like Heart Health Month is a great way to get your community’s attention, attract more patients to your store, and increase your prescription volume. Use social media to get the word out!

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