The Community Pharmacist: Life after Heart Attack and Stroke (Audio)

February 23, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Every year more than three-quarters of a million strokes occur in the U.S. and is, according to the CDC, the fifth leading cause of death. For those who survive, early action is critical for improving a stroke victim’s ability to recover. In this episode Minnesota pharmacist Jessica Astrup Ehret talks about the relationship between vascular health and stroke, and what life looks like after both heart attack and stroke. Encourage your patients to learn how to identify the symptoms of a stroke (below) and heart attack. Tune in—and invite your patients to do the same—to “Life after Heart Attack and Stroke.”

  • Face drooping (or the tongue test!)

  • Arm weakness (generally one side versus the other)

  • Speech difficulty (slurred, slow)

  • Time to call 911

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