The Community Pharmacist: Cholesterol Basics (audio)

January 28, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Over the next few weeks, we’ll recognize American Heart Health month by periodically sharing some links and resources to help you talk about heart health with your patients. 

High cholesterol is a key contributor to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). Guidelines published by a joint taskforce of the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association emphasize that lifestyle modification (diet, exercise, avoidance of tobacco products, and maintaining a healthy weight) remains a crucial component in risk reduction, but note that a consistent body of evidence also confirms the relative benefits of using of statins to manage ASCVD. Since the use of statins is so widespread (Crestor alone sold $5.9 billion last year, hitting the number five spot on our list of Top Ten Meds), pharmacists are well-positioned to educate their patients on both lifestyle changes and the proper use of statins.

Tune in—and invite your patients to do the same—to Cholesterol Basics (recorded July 2015) with Minnesota pharmacist Jessica Astrup Ehret on her weekly radio show, “Community Pharmacist Conversations.” You’ll learn:

  • What the key numbers mean in a lipid panel;
  • How to reduce your cholesterol numbers if they are out of the healthy range; and
  • The most common statin prescriptions and their side effects.

For additional recorded episodes of "Community Pharmacist Conversations," please visit:

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