Pilot Diabetes program shows promise

March 30, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

News from the Department of Health and Human Services, confirms what pharmacists have known for a long time: regular patient contact improves outcomes.

A model Diabetes Prevention program run by CMS and funded by the Affordable Care Act encouraged program beneficiaries to attend weekly lifestyle coaching sessions and subsequent monthly follow-ups targeting a five percent weigh loss goal for each participant. The results were impressive. Medicare patients enrolled lost about five percent of their body weight; the average results were better for those who attended more sessions. For the full results, check out the whole story here.

Diabetes is responsible for and estimate $245 billion in direct and indirect costs, representing is a huge public health issue. It’s also at the forefront of our minds every day in our own pharmacies. So we’ve been putting together pieces to educate our patients to understand the symptoms and improve the management of diabetes. We’ve also created one of our patient-centric “Smart-Takes” on the topic. Feel free to download a copy to pass out in your stores.

“The Diabetes Prevention Program can prevent disease and help people live healthier lives,” said Dr. Patrick Conway, CMS Deputy Administrator and Chief Medical Officer. “CMS’ partnership with CDC, NIH, and private sector partners to engage people in improving their own health was critical to the success of the Diabetes Prevention Program. We are now working to determine the best strategies for incorporating the Diabetes Prevention Program into Medicare.”

For further information about the program evaluations, check out:  


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