Seeking Patients that the Big Box Pharmacies Turn Away: HealthFinders Partnership

July 07, 2015 | Jessica Ehret

As much as we independent pharmacists or pharmacy owners pride ourselves on providing stellar service and improving customer experiences, pharmacy is still a volume-based business. To remain relevant in the pharmacy world and continue to provide exceptional service, independent pharmacies must constantly find ways to grow or maintain our prescription volume. Sometimes, growing the business means finding unique ways to care for challenging or underserved patients.

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Improving Patient Care AND Boosting Your Script Counts

June 22, 2015 | Jessica Ehret

At your pharmacy, how many Nitro-Stat, Epi-Pen, glucagon kit and rescue inhaler prescriptions are filled once and either never filled again or not filled until the patient's next annual physical? How many patients bring in these medications for a refill with the labels worn off, expiration dates in the past, damaged devices or crumbled tablets?

At my pharmacy, in Minnesota, we did a little experiment.

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