How Terry Bradshaw helped make me an additional $15 per prescription

February 02, 2015 | Tim Gallagher

So…Terry Bradshaw reminded me to get my shingles shot this year. Thanks, Terry. Not getting shingles will be great, but I stumbled on to something more immediate—and maybe more important—than that.

When I got my shot, I looked at the receipt.The drug costs our store somewhere around $175. We were reimbursed $184. Nine bucks on a $184 prescription. I remember saying to myself: "you gotta be kidding me!"

I followed up with the pharmacist a couple times on the billing. He assured me he was doing it correctly. It must have gotten him thinking, though, because he called me back a few days later and said: "you know what? I didn't bill it right! I didn't bill for the administration fee. When I did, we got another $15." For any pharmacy, the difference between making $9 or $24 on a single prescription is a pretty big deal. It turns out that some of our staff were making the same mistake on billing for flu shots.

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