Open enrollment is over. Now what?

December 11, 2015 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Open enrollment ended earlier this week. The marketplace and the airwaves were flooded with information for prescribers, and with advertising directed at patients, advising them to review prescriptions drug coverage options. If our experience in the Sterling stores is any indicator, other independent pharmacies were also fielding a wide range of questions from patients who were trying to understand their Part D plans.

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The Independent Difference: Navigating Medicare Open Enrollment

November 12, 2015 | Jessica Ehret

After working with iMedicare for the past several months, I am more of a Medicare expert than I ever intended to be. Suddenly, I’m armed with information on Medicare penalty fees, the differences between Advantage Plans and typical Part D plans, enrollment processes, and so much more. I can finally answer some of my patients’ most difficult and mystifying Medicare questions and I am excited about it

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