Smart-Fill at the Capitol

April 11, 2018 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Pharmacists from across the nation will converge in Washington D.C. on April 11 and 12 for the annual NCPA Congressional Pharmacy Summit. It’s a great opportunity to be an advocate for both independent pharmacy and for your patients.

We know the challenges of a prescription delivery market that is so heavily controlled by the PBMs. They determine which pharmacies are included in prescription benefit plans, how much they will be paid, and which drugs will be included in formularies. For independent pharmacies, PBMs are a particular threat: often, they try to persuade insurers to push patients to mail-order pharmacies or to pharmacies owned by the PBM itself—which would seem to be a clear (and actionable) conflict of interest in any other business. Limited networks, typically favoring chains, put patients in rural areas at a disadvantage, sometimes forcing them to drive many miles to access an in-network pharmacy.

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The Weekly Roundup

August 04, 2017 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Building the front end of your retail pharmacy is always a challenge—and not necessarily in a pharmacist’s natural bailiwick. This time of year is especially fierce. Back to school. Flu shots. Medicare open enrollment. But before the (drum roll . . . ) winter holiday season, this is also a good time to make some minor adjustments to your front-end strategy.

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