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April 08, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Federal, state, and local health officials met last week in Atlanta as the Zika virus increases its reach into North America. As of the end of March, 312 cases have been reported, all of which were travel-related, but story seems to change almost daily at this point, and the CDC continues to study alternative paths of transmission. The World Health Organization provides situation reports here and we found some background from the folks who have had to deal with the virus for a lot longer than we. Here are a few other stories we though you might like:

  • The CDC is reporting that Hepatitis C deaths are on the rise. Many of those in the 85 percent who do not know they have the disease are Baby Boomers, who may have done some experimenting back in the day that didn't seem like such a big deal, then. Which is a very good reason to recommend screening for your patients—especially those who may have been at Yasgur’s farm.
  • Feel like enthusiasm among your staff is lagging? Here are a few ideas to inspire them to re-engage.
  • Still time to get your suggestions and comments in to CMS on test models for care and definitions for a range of chronic conditions.
  • You may be getting more patient questions this week on the "vexing problem" of statin intolerance. If the Washington Post is covering it, it’s in the mainstream.
  • Still your shot! I already enjoyed the big win Monday night but for some you, I hear this is kind of a big deal. And on that note, this piece on how to become a member at Augusta is pretty cool. Enjoy the weekend!

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