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June 11, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Monday starts Men’s Health week and, in an effort to be diligent, I started doing some research on the state of men’s health. After a short diversion into the 5 worst things to drink before a workout (I bet you know what number 3 is) in Men’s Health magazine, what I learned shocked me. The stronger sex? Not so much. On average, men today live five years less than women and die at a higher rate than women from the top ten causes of death, according to the CDC. Maybe it’s because women are more likely to go to the doctor? C’mon guys. Check out and share this list of health screenings men 40-64 should not overlook.

Here are few stories we came across this week that you might find interesting:

  • Boy, they’ve had a bad month. Valeant is settling a US Attorney probe into nefarious marketing practices by Salix, a 2015 acquisition, for $54 million; and, its first quarter earnings call, featuring some pitter patter about their challenging relationship with Walgreens Boots, resulted in a 15% drop in stock prices. Dr. Fein has a nice take on that.
  • Here’s another reason to avoid mail order. The FDA’s joint efforts with INTERPOL to bust websites selling illegal prescription drugs netted more than 4,000 alleged wrongdoers
  • Health Law practitioners at Mintz Levin published this white paper, which provides a nice 30,000 foot view of the pricing issues on the journey from drug manufacturer to patient. My favorite understatement: “[The PBM’s] intermediary role could be harmed if transparency measures are put into place.” Ya think?
  • Everyone’s looking to make a buck. Check out this bit on investing in drug addiction on NPR.
  • If you were working and missed it, too, here are some highlights from the champ’s memorial services.

[Editor’s note:] Our inboxes are stuffed with newsletters and our coffee tables stacked with magazines and industry digests. I’m sure yours are, too. So we’ve decided to run a weekly sampling of interesting stories, issues coverage, and business ideas we come across this week. We hope you’ll share some of your favorites, too. Keep us in the loop and note “Weekly Roundup” in the comment box, or reply here.

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