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September 02, 2016 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Gilead is in the hot seat again. Tuesday, the University of Minnesota filed in federal court defending the patent rights allegedly secured and assigned to the school by Dr. Carston Wagner, an endowed chair in medicinal chemistry at the School of Pharmacy. (The U of M, by the way, was ranked the second best pharmacy school in the nation. Go Gophers!) The drugs covered by patent, the U says—“antiviral compounds and methods for using those compounds to treat viral infections, such as that caused by hepatitis C virus”—include those that contain products that contain the drug sofosbuvir.

Here are few other stories we came across this week that you might find interesting:

  • This ought to get their attention. A community pharmacy in Iowa saved insurers $300 per patient in this pilot study by Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Here’s another take on the hinky-math of the US healthcare system.  
  • FDA requires new warnings in hopes of stemming opioid epidemic.
  • Behemoth pharmacy chain seeks powerful PBM for happily ever after. Do you think, as does Jim DuCharme, CEO and president of Prime Therapeutics, that this will make healthcare “more affordable”?
  • Want to be a “superboss”? Model the behavior you want to see in your underlings. (And maybe don’t call them underlings.) More tips on management can be found here.
  • You are two-thirds of the way through the year. Have you taken your vacation yet? You should, study finds. 

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