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February 17, 2017 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Although its motive may not be wholly altruistic, big pharma is certainly joining in with other health care stakeholders in pushing adherence hard. What was once a packaging play and one-on-one health counselling, commonly practiced in many pharmacies, has evolved into mobile apps and beyond, into the potential for “smart pill” technology and smart inhalers, STAT news reports. This Australian team digs deep into studies of the why/why not on adherence in hematological cancer patients—maybe you’ll find some interesting nuggets—and adherence is a well-loved touchpoint in conversations about quality measures and initiatives catalogued by CMS. In December, the leader in AmerisourceBergen’s performance strategies group shared a nice piece on tips for promoting adherence among patients that’s worth a read. Number eight on that list, “synchronize medications,” is one that our own pharmacies have been highly focused on over the past year or so. Check out some of what we’ve learned on setting up a med sync program.    

Here are a few other stories that might be of interest:

  • Merger-mania stalls. Health plan deals fall under anti-trust ruling.
  • Sales of Loratadine hopeful. Results from sublingual grass pollen immunotherapy trial fail to impress. Download our free, sharable Smart-Take to help your patients through the upcoming seasonal allergy season.
  • Bring us your tired, yearning to be sleeping. Get the latest guidance on prescription, OTC, and herbal insomnia treatments.
  • Looking for a new idea? Try something off this list of “25 of the Most Inspiring Books” on business, leadership, or management.
  • “When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Check out this assessment of the interplay between cost and utilization in drug spending.
  • It’s table stakes in every business. Here’s some insight from the Palace on upping your customer service game.
  • Get heard. Don’t forget to join NCPA’s legislative fly-in, slated for April 26-27.

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