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August 04, 2017 | Pamela Youngberg Dickson

Building the front end of your retail pharmacy is always a challenge—and not necessarily in a pharmacist’s natural bailiwick. This time of year is especially fierce. Back to school. Flu shots. Medicare open enrollment. But before the (drum roll . . . ) winter holiday season, this is also a good time to make some minor adjustments to your front-end strategy. There are some great tips from NCPA here on merchandising if you’re looking for a little inspiration. (You’re probably already on top of back-to-school supplies, but how about a back-to-sports endcap with braces, hot/cold products, etc.?) Everything you need for your Labor Day getaway? While a spa in your store is (likely) not possible—do beauty products have a place there? Trends in the beauty product market suggest that it is still a strongly a brick-and-mortar experience. Whatever you decide to stock on the front end, make sure you’re using your POS to its fullest—especially to track and analyze category sales. Be sure your whole staff is trained to suggest companion sales. Finally, it’s a good time to walk the store so you know exactly what your customers and patients are experiencing when they come in. Would you like to shop in your own store?

Here are a few other stories that might be of interest:

  • Will they or won’t they? Commentary on Amazon’s internal PBM hire and its purported entry into the pharmacy business.
  • In this case, more is better. 38-state trial finds high-dose flu vaccinations prevent more hospitalizations in the elderly.
  • Senate passes “right to try” bill for terminally ill patients barring the FDA from overruling state law. 
  • Got eclipse glasses? Check out and be sure to share these recommendations for viewing this summer’s solar eclipse safely.
  • Brand police. Here’s how the FDA’s Scott Gottlieb intends to bring down drug costs.

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