The Weekly Roundup: Skin Cancer Awareness (5.17.19)

May 17, 2019 | Pamela Youngberg

Skin cancer is on the rise, especially in Arizona, Colorado, and on the eastern seaboard. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and it is a great time to increase conversations about sun protection—even in our Sterling pharmacies in Minnesota, where theoretically the last of the snow has come and gone (fingers crossed). Pharmacists have played a historic role in prevention and continue to do so today. These products are among those that your patients are reading about in the consumer press. Here are some tips for making sun protection recommendations in advance of Memorial Day Weekend. Consider sharing stories like this across your social feeds to raise awareness of the condition. Or, feel free to download or share this free resource to supplement your patient education.

Here are a few other stories that might be of interest:

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Pamela Youngberg

Before she came to Smart-Fill, Pamela developed marketing strategy and content for a range of technology start-ups and large-cap enterprises. Outside the office, she's into cycling, renaissance history, cooking, and exploring the outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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