Your Team’s Role in Diabetes Prevention

November 12, 2019 | Smart-Fill

National health awareness months provide great opportunities to discuss health-related topics with patients and attract positive attention to your store. The topic of the month for November is diabetes, and we encourage you to utilize these two resources to help get the conversations started in your community.

The first is our Smart-Take on type 2 diabetes. Download this free resource to use as a training tool for your employees and an educational resource for your patients. Along with general information, the handout details complications associated with type 2 diabetes and management tips to help patients diagnosed with the disease. If you send us your store’s logo, we’ll even customize the handout for you—for free!

The second resource is a great tool to share on your Facebook page. The American Diabetes Association offers a 60-second quiz to help people determine their risk for type 2 diabetes. Your patients can take the quiz for themselves or fill it out for a loved one to help talk about the risk of diabetes and taking steps to avoid it.

Encourage your patients to take the quiz by sharing the following message on your Facebook page:

November is National Diabetes Month. Do you have questions about your or a loved one’s risk for type 2 diabetes? The American Diabetes Association offers a 60-second quiz to assess the risk of type 2 diabetes. Visit to take the quiz today.

Your team is well-positioned to help patients with diabetes detection and prevention. Unlike physicians who only get to see their patients once every six months (if they are lucky), many patients are in the pharmacy once a month.

Pharmacy teams don’t diagnose diabetes or other diseases. However, by getting to know our patients and having open conversations about health-related topics, we can encourage them to understand their risks and take the proper steps toward prevention.


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