Making a Difference: Sterling Pharmacist Joe Anderson

Worthington-based Joe Anderson, PharmD of Sterling Pharmacy, Smart-Fill's owned regional pharmacy group, was recently recognized for “Making a Difference” by Southern Prairie Community Care [SPCC]. SPCC is comprised of collaborating  organizations from twelve Minnesota counties all focused on improving the health of the region. Its work is focused on population health initiatives, developing a regional electronic medical record to support care delivery, and implementing individualized, integrated collaborative community care processes to improve patient health.   

Each quarter, the organization recognizes a caregiver who has been instrumental to the pursuit of that mission. SPCC cited Joe’s specific work with a caregiver, integration care coordinator, and interpreter to implement an MTM program, counselling a patient and their family in a better understanding of the appropriate usage of their medications, and ultimately better adherence.

Joe worked with the patient and their providers to resolve to key stumbling blocks to care:

  • First, he was able to get some medications switched over to a liquid form to better comply with the patient’s thickened liquid diet protocol;
  • Second, Joe identified a medication that the client was not on that could improve their health, and was able to contact the physician directly to recommend the addition to their medication regimen;
  • Third, Joe was able to help with the overall adherence, which was previously an issue for the family due to a language barrier and a misunderstanding of the medications importance and use.

SPCC recognized Joe for his patience, openness, and willingness to go beyond expectations to counsel a family who will now be able to facilitate care of that patient in a family-home environment.

Congratulations, Joe!