Cost of Goods

We're pharmacists. We understand that, on top of the challenges of running a business, you're competing on pricing against pharmacies many-fold your size and pocketbook. Regular pricing changes, fluctuating reimbursements and complex rebate structures make it challenging to really understand what you're paying. We simplify that picture, helping you to gain a clearer understanding of your average profit per prescription and to command the highly-competitive pricing benefits of the big chains while retaining your identity as an independent.

Better purchasing

Our members can take advantage of the size of a large group to obtain the best cost of goods available on wholesale name-brand and generics—or through our own warehouse program.


Because we own our own stores, we can give you meaningful detail on our expenses—and help you to understand how you compare to your peers.

Improved cash flow

We take the worry out of managing payments with a central pay system unique to the industry. What's more, we pay rebates monthly—giving you better control over your cash flow.