WHSE | The Smart-Fill Warehouse Program

Buying the bulk of your pharmaceuticals with a primary wholesaler is still the right way to net the best overall pricing, but most pharmacists do find themselves buying outside that agreement from time to time. We started the Smart-Fill warehouse for times when, for example, the primary's pricing hasn't yet caught up to a significant price drop, or when availability is an issue. We focus our warehouse program on only the fastest-moving items in both brand and generic, where we can save our own stores, Smart-Fill members, and warehouse customers enough to significantly impact the bottom line.

With the Smart-Fill Warehouse:

  • We carry brand drugs that many secondary places don’t have.
  • We carry the top generics, but not a full line—so we can focus only on those drugs on which we can get the best prices.
  • You know what you’ll pay. We tell you what your net price will be, so it’s easy to calculate and compare your savings.
  • Ordering is easy, and we require only a $500 minimum purchase.
  • You’ll get an updated, monthly list that identifies the best pricing we could obtain on fast-moving brand AND generic drugs.

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